The Dimensions of Serving


Humble serving as an example by the washing of feet.
Humble serving as an example by the washing of feet.

John 13:1-17

The astonishing humility of Jesus illustrates the astonishing humility of God. It at the same time implies the elevation of the elect but with the correct focus: humble service and love in the face of trouble.  Jesus was about to go to an excruciating tortuous death and agonizing spiritual separation from God while He took on our sin, yet, he was solely focused on the spiritual growth and happiness of His disciples.  I find this amazing compared to how I feel I handle simple ordinary daily pressures.

Though we are not the Lord,  or many of us teachers, we are all subject to one another in loving service and our happiness is contingent on serving in this manner.

What is the equivalent of “feet-washing” serving today?  Please leave comments on how you think this same humility, love, and focus in the midst of other troubles can be put into practice today…

Now to the Full

To live unreservedly; taking the fullest measure of the present.  Is there any sense or reason to survive only on shallow breaths or to pause when there is no constraint?

If as a manner of living we hold back as if to conserve, then it begs the question of just what we are withholding – and why?  If we are waiting for an unknown sign, event, or feeling, how could it possibly be known if we do encounter it?

To reserve life for the future is to consign it to the past unlived. To wait for some phantom decree is as if recalling an echo.

To live we must mount every precipitous moment with greater claim than life itself presents it to us!

“Selective” Respect and Kindness

There is no such thing as “selective” respect or kindness.

It sounds overly simple, but in practice, it’s not that easy. Put yourself to the test. Watch your behavior with strangers when maneuvering for a space in a crowded parking lot, or standing in a long line at a store. Compare that then to the next time you encounter someone from your executive team. Do you treat everyone with the same level of respect or kindness? If not, why not?

Civility may be a lost art, but it is critical to anyone aspiring to become a true leader. If we treat those who we believe can benefit us with a higher level of respect and kindness than someone who we feel may likely cost us something, then is it really respect? Does kindness even enter the picture? The difference is the center of your focus. If it is on yourself, then your level of respect may vary greatly. But if the focus of every encounter is for the good of whom you are encountering, then your level of respect or kindness will be consistently high.

Leadership is continually making the choice to seek the betterment of everyone with whom you encounter. This is quite the opposite of allowing circumstance or relative position dictate your demeanor.

It takes a lifestyle of ever-increasing goodwill and patience to develop a character of kindness and a manner of respect for everyone. The best part about this, is that you will most likely have at least a dozen chances this very day to try it out. There is no shortage of opportunities to personally grow in this area!

Whether or not you aspire to leadership, decide for yourself to make respect and kindness directive rather than selective!

The New Smithism

A tree right around the corner that was felled by Sandy. Sandy was pretty strong…

Hurricane Sandy came through and blew away the old site so we are building a new one!  Why not?  Life needs some changes every now and then.  Stop by soon to see what Ryan and Wyatt will also be adding to the site!