The Dimensions of Serving


Humble serving as an example by the washing of feet.
Humble serving as an example by the washing of feet.

John 13:1-17

The astonishing humility of Jesus illustrates the astonishing humility of God. It at the same time implies the elevation of the elect but with the correct focus: humble service and love in the face of trouble.  Jesus was about to go to an excruciating tortuous death and agonizing spiritual separation from God while He took on our sin, yet, he was solely focused on the spiritual growth and happiness of His disciples.  I find this amazing compared to how I feel I handle simple ordinary daily pressures.

Though we are not the Lord,  or many of us teachers, we are all subject to one another in loving service and our happiness is contingent on serving in this manner.

What is the equivalent of “feet-washing” serving today?  Please leave comments on how you think this same humility, love, and focus in the midst of other troubles can be put into practice today…

One thought on “The Dimensions of Serving

  1. Too many times I’ve looked at this as a spa treatment. Like it was some kind of luxurious pampering. It wasn’t that at all. It was the King doing the job of a slave. Basic. Simple. Subservient. In my experience (1st hand and observed) today it seems as if we do not want to take part in cleaning each other up unless it is to point out what needs to change and how to do it. We love to give our opinions on what is wrong and share our wisdom in a few easy steps in how to get yourself clean. I am painting with a broad brush but in general I think we too often take a hands off approach to loving and serving. Meaning what is truly needed in many circumstances is listening, accepting, and letting Holy Spirit do the work. We are too quick to give our prescription and send the person away to fix it or get it fixed. The impact of the Son of Man bending down to wash the apostle’s feet was that he didn’t have to do it. He had so much more he could have been doing. It was beneath him in their eyes. As with most things Jesus did or said it is a parable. Helping someone get clean can be messy. It is possibly painful (try walking across the floor on your knees) and it is often thankless. When a brother needs to repent or work through painful emotions it will be messy and it may stir up or trigger painful stuff in me. Am I willing to sit with him and let him just be? Or do I need him to be better so I don’t feel bad or am inconvenienced? Do I give him a three point sermon or kneel with him and pray with or for him that Holy Spirit will intervene and solve the problem? Too many of us expect a quick and easy solution. Serving takes time. Trust is hard to build. Brotherhood doesn’t just happen. The physical flows out of the guts of the matter-the heart. Without that our feet are gonna be just as dirty as before.

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